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Why Do You Need a Custom Business Case for Digital ACP in 2022?

Why Do You Need a Custom Business Case for Digital ACP in 2022?

Why? Because no ACP Business Case Analysis is the same.

The benefits of implementing a paperless, accessible, and truly interoperable Digital Advance Planning program abound. But when it comes to presenting a business case to your finance department, your financial analysis and projections should reflect what drives your business sector, not the industry standard. That’s why it is crucial that your financial forecast be based on the factors that drive your business.

Yes, every business case analysis (BCA) model should start with industry average statistics, but a finance committee will want to know how and why a digital ACP program initiative will impact your ROI. And that’s exactly why we’ll provide you detailed five-year financial projections based on the factors that specifically drive your business.

What factors impact every healthcare provider’s ROI?

  • Size (number of beds or episodes)
  • Staffing mix, turnover, and hourly rates
  • Facility occupancy
  • Referral rates
  • Hospitalization percentage and length-of-stay duration
  • Payer mix, value-based cost avoidance sharing, and fee-for-service reimbursement
  • Number of digital ACP sessions completed
  • Patients served

How do we know how much these factors impact ROI?

It’s our business to know. We’ve already applied decades of experience as P&L business leaders, program managers, financial analysts, and stakeholders to develop dynamic cost-benefit analyses for healthcare providers in every sector including:

  • Home Health and Hospice Agencies (HHAs)
  • Skilled Nursing and In-patient Hospice Facilities (SNFs)
  • Hospital and Healthcare Systems

BCA ROI Industry estimates of the impact of Digital ACP programs for Healthcare Providers. View the big picture, download Your Business Case for Advance Care Planning White Paper.

Bottom line, we know what finance wants to about the potential financial impact on your ROI. They want a comprehensive analysis built on proven industry data that incorporates your organization’s numbers. And that’s why you need a custom business case analysis.

Ready for us to create your custom BCA?

Then let's get started. Download Your Business Case for Advance Care Planning White Paper now. It details how we’ll work with you to:

  • Customize the dynamic industry-standard cost-benefit analysis
  • Incorporate your operational statistics
  • Build your Custom Business Case ready for financial review

Healthcare is complicated. Building a business case for Digital Advance Care Planning doesn’t have to be.

Download our white paper now.

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