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Simplify ACP and Take Control of Your Healthcare Journey

We believe everyone deserves access to quality healthcare and the ability to make informed decisions about their medical care. That's why MyDirectives offers a simple and accessible platform for creating, uploading, and storing  ACP documents at absolutely no cost to users. Our user-friendly platform guides individuals through the process of creating a comprehensive advance care plan step by step, ensuring that it's easy to understand and complete. 

ACP documents are then stored in the A|D Vault Exchange, our secure, cloud-based registry and repository.  This enables quick access to update or edit ACP documents and allows multiple stakeholders – family, loved ones, and healthcare providers – to access that individual's documents to view or download. This enables everyone involved in a person’s care to understand and honor a person’s healthcare and treatment preferences. 

Here's what MyDirectives can do for individuals:
  • Simple Planning Process: Our intuitive interface makes it easy for individuals to outline medical goals, treatment priorities, and care preferences. Whether planning for themselves or loved ones, MyDirectives guides users through the process step by step, enabling their voices to be heard and respected.
  • Secure and Convenient Storage: With MyDirectives, healthcare preferences are securely stored in the cloud, giving users peace of mind that their information is always accessible when they or their families and healthcare providers need it. Plus, it's free!
  • Convenient File Upload: Users can also upload existing ACP documents, advance directives, mental health advance directives, portable medical order (PMO) forms (POLST), and even videos. This feature allows users to keep all their important healthcare information in one secure place, making it easier to manage and share it with their loved ones and healthcare providers.
  • Promote Health Equity: We believe everyone's voice deserves to be heard, regardless of their background or circumstances. That’s why we are committed to promoting health equity by ensuring everyone has access to the tools they need to make informed healthcare decisions.

MyDirectives is empowering individuals and communities to take control of their healthcare journeys in a way that's simple, secure, accessible, and free. With MyDirectives, you can have peace of mind knowing that your healthcare preferences are documented and accessible, and they can be honored when you need them most. Take control of your healthcare journey today with our intuitive platform and secure storage.

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MyDirectives offers the only digital ACP tools and interoperable cloud-based storage that is HITRUST Risk-Based, 2-Year Certified.