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How to Successfully Build a Business Case for Digital ACP in 2022

How to Successfully Build a Business Case for Digital ACP in 2022

Let the numbers speak for themselves.

The potential ROI on an advance care planning initiative speaks volumes. And that’s exactly what you’ll need to create a compelling Business Case based on real data and real numbers pertaining to your business.

How do you determine the ROI for an ACP Program?

You could spend many months and manpower on research and analysis. Or let the experts at ADVault do it for you. We’ll create a Custom Business Case based on your organization that will quantify all the benefits of running a paperless, accessible, and completely measurable advance care planning program.

AD Vault knows what you need to get buy-in.

How do we know what finance wants to know about implementing an ACP initiative? We’ve applied decades of experience as P&L business leaders, program managers, financial analysts, and stakeholders to develop dynamic cost-benefit analyses for healthcare providers in every sector – Home Health and Hospice Agencies (HHAs), Skilled Nursing and In-patient Hospice Facilities (SNF), and Hospital and Healthcare Systems.

More importantly, our models rely on Healthcare Industry Data to estimate the return on investment (ROI) of operating a truly interoperable digital ACP program. Understanding that each healthcare provider segment has its own set of unique challenges and potential rewards, we’ve created specific ROI models for each sector. See our chart below illustrating the estimated ROI over 5-Years for each sector.

ADVault Business Case ROIIndustry estimates of the impact of Digital ACP programs for Healthcare Providers. View the big picture, download Your Business Case for Advance Care Planning White Paper.

What should you consider in when starting an interoperable ACP program?

  • Financial benefits of delivering care where patients prefer
  • Why innovators offer digital advance care planning
  • Benefits of adding an ACP program to your organization
  • Post-acute and long-term care preferred provider network opportunities
  • End-of-life hospitalization savings
  • Home health and hospice usage and referral trends
  • Skilled nursing and in-patient hospice occupancy, profitability, and referral trends
  • Home health, skilled nursing, and hospice industry challenges

Our analysis considers both global healthcare and provider-specific industry trends from 2020 and beyond, and our financial models examine all the benefits of advance care planning – economic benefits, greater patient and family satisfaction, and more. The model also factors in evolving payment and care models focused on patient-centered care to improve clinical excellence. We discuss all the key topics in Your Business Case for Digital Advance Care Planning White Paper. Download now!

What questions do digital ACP initiatives raise for business and finance managers?

  • What will it cost to set up a digital advance care planning program?
  • Are ongoing expenses covered?
  • What personnel and training resources are required?
  • How big is the technology lift?
  • Can you reasonably quantify financial benefits for fee-for-service and managed-care-focused operations?
  • Who builds the financial projections for the business case?
  • How long is the payback period?
  • Is the Net Present Value (NPV) positive?

We answer all of these questions, as well as summarize the qualitative benefits of Healthcare Providers running a digital ACP program in Your Business Case for Digital Advance Care Planning White Paper download now!

Healthcare is complicated.

Building a business case for digital advance care planning doesn’t have to be.

Let’s get started on digital ACP together

Secure, Interoperable, Accessible.

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