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Actionable Insights for Payers and Providers

MyDirectives Reports & Analytics™ is a comprehensive solution for measuring, tracking, and analyzing ACP performance. Designed specifically for healthcare providers and payers, our solution offers invaluable insights for enhancing business operations, achieving quality measures, and ensuring compliance with CMS regulations.

With MyDirectives Reports & Analytics, payers and providers can expect:

  • Actionable Insights: Gain access to real-time data on ACP performance, empowering informed decision-making and targeted interventions to improve outcomes.
  • Quality Measure Achievement: Identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in ACP implementation, leading to enhanced quality measures and patient care.
  • CMS Regulatory Compliance: Simplify CMS reporting requirements with comprehensive analytics and documentation, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and avoiding penalties.

Medicare Advantage plans can leverage MyDirectives Reports & Analytics to showcase the success of their ACP programs to CMS. By highlighting education initiatives, thorough documentation practices, and high ACP completion rates among members, plans can demonstrate their commitment to proactive care and member satisfaction.

With MyDirectives Reports & Analytics, healthcare providers and payers can harness the power of data to drive better outcomes, streamline operations, and meet regulatory obligations with confidence. Take control of your ACP performance today and unlock the full potential of your organization's care delivery efforts.


Management dashboard
View ACP facilitation performance metrics to identify trends, develop business insight, and hone strategies
Regulatory reporting
Gather ACP activity data to prepare CMS compliance, quality measure satisfaction, and reimbursement audit reports
Excel export

Extract ACP member penetration and facilitator performance data in various spreadsheet formats for ad hoc reporting and analysis

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MyDirectives offers the only digital ACP tools and interoperable cloud-based storage that is HITRUST Risk-Based, 2-Year Certified.