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Putting People at the Center of Care

MyDirectives prioritizes individuals – whether they are patients, facility residents, or members – by placing them at the heart of care, especially during critical moments. Through the industry's pioneering, end-to-end, HITRUST r2-Year Certified suite of advance care planning (ACP) tools, individuals can seamlessly create comprehensive ACP documents or conveniently upload existing ACP documents such as POLST or advance directive forms.

Our A|D Vault Exchange™ registry and repository is a secure, cloud-based storage solution that ensures accessibility anytime, anywhere, and it facilitates swift access to vital healthcare preferences during emergencies or end-of-life care. MyDirectives' innovative approach ensures that treatment preferences are effectively communicated, empowering individuals to actively participate in their care decisions – even when they are unable – while providing invaluable support to healthcare providers and payers in delivering patient-centered care.

MyDirectives delivers the future of digital ACP. Anyone can create a FREE ACP document using a simple and intuitive online form. Users can also upload existing ACP documents like POLST or DNR forms, advance directives, and even video.

For care teams, MyDirectives for Clinicians™ delivers a powerful tool to conduct and guide ACP conversations with their patients and loved ones at the point of care. Providers and advocates can facilitate discussions, create ACP documents, or upload existing ACP documents, mental health advance directives, PMOs like POLST, and patient videos.


With MyDirectives Reports & Analytics™, healthcare payers and providers have access to important data and analytics they need to better understand business insights and track important data related to quality measures and regulatory requirements.


Hospitals and healthcare systems can access a patient’s treatment preferences with MyDirectives Enterprise™, which offers true interoperability with select electronic health record (EHR) systems. This enables the care team to locate and download patients’ ACP documents and PMOs stored in the A|D Vault Exchange so they can honor patient treatment preferences.


Our registry and repository, the A|D Vault Exchange™, provides secure storage of ACP documents, including PMOs, advance directives, and mental health directives. It delivers full, national interoperability through connected EHRs, health information exchanges (HIEs), and data exchange networks, enabling easy, anytime access – for all stakeholders – to patient healthcare preferences.