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Empowering Healthcare Providers for Effective Patient-Centered Conversations

Engaging in ACP conversations can be a pivotal moment for healthcare providers and their patients, impacting the quality and personalization of patient care. With MyDirectives for Clinicians™, facilitating, capturing, and accessing patient treatment preferences is streamlined and accessible at various settings throughout the continuum of care.

MyDirectives for Clinicians™ gives healthcare providers the tools they need to guide an ACP discussion and to manage and access plans and documents anytime, anywhere. Healthcare providers – such as LTC, post-acute, skilled nursing facilities (SNF), chronic care management, home health, and hospice – can lead and guide in the preparation of ACP documents, portable medical order forms (PMOs), and patient video recordings.

MyDirectives for Clinicians helps everyone involved in a person's care:

For Individuals and Their Families: Empowering individuals and their families, MyDirectives ensures their voices are heard in crucial healthcare decisions. Through simple, guided conversations with their healthcare provider, a patient can express their wishes, easing concerns for loved ones and enabling personalized care throughout their healthcare journey.

For Providers: From post-acute to home health, MyDirectives revolutionizes ACP discussions. Its responsive web application requires no complex integration, facilitating seamless interaction with patients anywhere, whether in-person or via telehealth. Integration with electronic health record (EHR) platforms ensures effortless access to vital patient information, promoting continuity of care.

For Payers: MyDirectives offers a cost-effective solution for payers, supporting high-quality ACP programs. By facilitating efficient patient directives and ensuring secure interoperability through the A|D Vault Exchange™, it enhances care coordination and quality while meeting regulatory requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Compassionate Facilitation: MyDirectives empowers providers and advocates to lead and guide ACP discussions with compassion and care. Through intuitive tools and resources, they can navigate sensitive conversations with empathy, ensuring patients' voices are heard and their preferences respected throughout the process.
  • Accessible Digital ACP: Utilizing the A|D Vault Exchange, our secure, cloud-based registry and repository, MyDirectives ensures swift access to ACP documents from anywhere, anytime. Healthcare providers can confidently retrieve and update patient treatment preferences, promoting seamless care coordination across the continuum.
  • Simple Technology: Responsive web application requires no major integration, enabling seamless use across care settings and by any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone device.
  • National Interoperability: Access and share ACP documents through seamless integration with electronic health records (EHRs), health information exchanges (HIEs), and data exchange networks across the country and across diverse healthcare systems for comprehensive patient care.
  • Assured Security: HITRUST CSF certification and HIPAA compliance safeguard sensitive information.

MyDirectives for Clinicians™ empowers healthcare providers to navigate ACP discussions with confidence, ensuring patient preferences are honored and care is truly person-centered. 

For Individuals and Their Familes
  • Personalized Guidance: Take part in guided discussions with a clinician or advocate to articulate and capture treatment preferences and values effectively.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Capture all aspects of end-of-life care preferences, including portable medical orders (PMOs) like POLST, advance directives, and mental health directives.
  • Accessible Information: All ACP documents are securely stored in the A|D Vault Exchange and readily accessible to healthcare providers and family members.
For Healthcare Providers
  • Facilitated Conversations: Lead structured discussions with patients, guiding them through the ACP process simply and efficiently. 
  • Document Integration: Create new ACP documents, or upload existing ACP documents.
  • Accessible Information: Seamless access to patient preferences across different healthcare settings through national interoperability with connected EHRs, health information exchanges (HIEs), and data exchange networks. 
  • Patient-Centric Care & Reduced Utilization: When providers know a patient's treatment preferences, they can avoid unnecessary or unwanted hospital admissions, treatments, or procedures, and reduce hospital length of stay, resulting in cost savings and improved patient outcomes.
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For Payers
  • Efficient Resource Utilization: Reduces unnecessary hospitalizations and procedures, optimizing resource allocation and driving cost containment efforts.
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction: By enabling the voice of the individual, MyDirectives enhances satisfaction and trust among patients and their families, potentially improving Medicare Star Ratings. 
  • Integration with VBID: Aligns with Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID).
  • Streamlined Coordination: Facilitates smoother transitions between care settings for D-SNP and I-SNP plans.
  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements: Assists plans in meeting VBID requirements, bolstering care effectiveness and compliance with regulatory standards.

Smart ACP Solutions

Available at any time, at any location, and on any device.
Digital ACP documents
  • Capture patient goals and care preferences with an intuitive Q&A format
  • Auto-populate state-based and branded ACP forms
Portable medical orders (PMOs)
  • Populate industry standard POLST, MOLST, MOST, and TPOPP forms electronically
  • Auto-queue staff-compiled documents for licensed physician approval
Document uploads
  • Scan pre-existing ACP documents and portable medical orders with device camera
  • Send images to the A|D Vault Exchange for storage, sharing, and healthcare provider access
Patient videos
  • Record video of a patient's wishes to provide greater clarity
  • Include background information on key decisions regarding location of care, life-sustaining treatment, CPR, and healthcare agent or proxy
Query and retrieve
  • Locate and download patients' ACP documents and portable medical orders (PMOs) stored in the A|D Vault Exchange
  • View in mobile application
Reporting and analysis
  • Track clinician ACP activity to support billing, quality measures, and regulatory compliance

Let’s get started on digital ACP together

Secure, Interoperable, Accessible.

MyDirectives offers the only digital ACP tools and interoperable cloud-based storage that is HITRUST Risk-Based, 2-Year Certified.