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Five Wishes Partners with MyDirectives to Enhance Digital Advance Care Planning Experience

Five Wishes Partners with MyDirectives to Enhance Digital Advance Care Planning Experience

Leading Advance Care Planning Program Upgrades Five Wishes Digital to MyDirectives Platform for Better User Experience and to Provide Seamless Access to Healthcare Providers Nationwide

DALLAS and TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – April 16, 2024 – MyDirectives®, the foremost provider of digital advance care planning solutions, and Five Wishes®, recognized as America’s premier advance care planning program, today announced a partnership that improves access and usability in creating advance care planning (ACP) documents. Effective April 11, Five Wishes Digital has transitioned to the MyDirectives platform, offering individuals and their loved ones an enhanced experience and improved access to their Five Wishes documents by loved ones and healthcare providers.

With over 40 million copies of its advance directive in circulation nationwide, Five Wishes has long been trusted by individuals and families to capture their end-of-life preferences. MyDirectives, leverages state-of-the-art technology to facilitate seamless, secure access to ACP documents and portable medical order forms like POLST for over 90 percent of healthcare clinicians across the country. By partnering with MyDirectives, Five Wishes will deliver seamless online access to ACP documents for Five Wishes Digital users, their family members and loved ones, and their healthcare providers, anywhere in the U.S.

The migration of Five Wishes Digital to the MyDirectives platform introduces several key advantages:

  • Effortless Signatures: Collect electronic and witness signatures remotely, meeting legal requirements in select states without the need for paper documentation.
  • Organized Document Storage: Store vital documents such as the Five Wishes advance directive, Do Not Resuscitate orders, and POLST forms securely online for easy access.
  • Simple Sharing: Share documents with designated individuals, including family, friends, doctors, and lawyers, ensuring accessibility from any location.
  • Easy Updates: Modify the Five Wishes document as needed, empowering users to adjust preferences whenever necessary.
  • Doctor-Friendly Summary: Provide healthcare providers with concise summaries of preferences, facilitating quick comprehension and informed decision-making.
  • Connected Care: Share documents with healthcare providers, ensuring continuity of care in emergencies across various healthcare settings.

“The collaboration between Five Wishes and MyDirectives marks a pivotal moment in advance care planning,” said Joanne Eason, president of Five Wishes. “By granting digital access to providers nationwide, we are providing individuals and their families with unparalleled peace of mind, knowing that their healthcare preferences can be easily located and honored.” Eason added, “It's fitting that this announcement coincides with National Healthcare Decisions Day, underscoring the importance of proactive healthcare planning and decision-making.”

"Five Wishes is the gold standard in advance care planning, and MyDirectives is proud to complement their efforts with our secure and accessible platform,” said Scott Brown, president and CEO of MyDirectives. “There is truly nothing out there that compares with what we’ve created. We’ve taken the nation’s only national advance care planning program and made it available on our secure, cloud-based platform that delivers access to the stakeholders who need it when it matters most. Together, we are empowering individuals, families, and healthcare providers to ensure that preferences are known and respected.”

Individuals can create their Five Wishes Digital advance care plan on the MyDirectives platform by visiting https://www.fivewishes.org/about-five-wishes.

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