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Reshaping Long-Term Care by the Power of Innovation

Reshaping Long-Term Care by the Power of Innovation

Not too long ago, the world of long-term care was dependent upon paper-based systems and charts. Today, the migration of technology, digital innovation, and advanced care planning as a cornerstone of person-centered treatment has allowed for paperless integrations that are changing how we document and even think about care.

“I became very aware of what paper can and needs to do, and it wasn’t enough, as it had [unintended] impacts on health and care,” said Maria D. Moen, senior vice president at Innovation and External Affairs at ADVault, during a recent appearance on the LTC Heroes podcast. Watch below:


In the discussion with Experience Care’s Peter Murphy Lewis, Moen asked rhetorically, “When we look at the people we care for, who are the sickest of the sick, how can we possibly treat and care for them optimally without the information we need?” Very often, care delivery isn’t straightforward. “Their health and care could be impacted by a disease state that was not a current reason that they were in the skilled nursing facility,” she said. “And if you weren't aware of everything we should know about the person, how can you possibly deliver the most effective care?” Moen added that certain personalized values of the residents receiving care, like cultural and religious preferences, can be overlooked when they are not readily available to the team in their electronic charting system.

It is her pursuit of finding better solutions to these problems that makes Moen appreciate the opportunity to work with ADVault. “Here I am allowed to dream,” she said. “I am allowed to look at inequities within the system, come up with ideas, and engage with non-traditional partners, processes, and interoperability mechanisms. And when I spot an opportunity, I can walk down that road and dream with the dreamers.”

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