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5 Reasons to Make MyDirectives Your Directives

5 Reasons to Make MyDirectives Your Directives

Why more and more healthcare providers are choosing MyDirectives for Clinicians as their ACP solution.

Healthcare providers nationwide know the importance of advance care planning. Not only its value and benefits but also the incredible peace of mind it provides patients that their voice is heard when it matters most.

But for so many providers, conducting, managing, documenting, and reporting on these vital conversations is challenging to say the least, and even more so with increasing state and CMS regulations. All the more reason many healthcare providers are making MyDirectives for Clinicians™ from ADVault their directives. Here are five compelling reasons you should too.

REASON #1 - It’s where patient wishes reside.

Research shows that only 2% of ACP documents are available in an emergency.

No patient has a voice in their care if their most vital documents are MIA.

ADVault Exchange Secure StorageReal connection with every EHR in the healthcare ecosystem is paramount. That’s exactly why all MyDirectives documents are stored in the ADVault Exchange™ – a secure, interoperable, cloud-based platform, to make sure your patients' ACP documents and portable medical orders are truly accessible when seconds count and minutes matter.

REASON #2 - To be CMS audit-ready.

"Close to 60% of healthcare organizations have faced at least one CMS or payer audit."

As with many medical practices, you’re doing advance care planning with your patients, billing for the services, and getting reimbursed by Medicare. But how are you tracking your time and activity on ACP discussions?

Why would we ask? Because CMS will want to know.

CMS’s increasing ACP regulations, as well as their budget justification requests for greater levels of medical reviews, are huge reasons so many providers like yourself are choosing MyDirectives for Clinicians as their digital ACP solution.

How does MyDirectives for Clinicians answer audit needs?

It automatically logs time spent and tasks completed in ACP CMS ACP Audit Readydiscussions to systematically produce compliance reporting. And it even supports management decision-making, as the application also populates a clinician-performance activity dashboard in real-time to provide actionable business insights.

With robust reporting and analytics, you can be more than ready to show CMS you’re in compliance.

ALERT! CMS has doubled its budget for fraud, waste, and abuse audits in 2022.

REASON #3: There’s no heavy technology lift.

Broader strategies to comply with all the CMS healthcare provider advance care planning requirements include infrastructure investments in digital platforms to support ACP.

Easy to Implement ACPFinally, something worth doing is incredibly easy to do. MyDirectives for Clinicians is simple to use and refreshingly seamless to incorporate into your existing systems and workflow, so your care team can focus more on patient engagement and less on tedious data entry.

Innovators on the ACP forefront have struggled for decades over how to put the patient at the center of care. MyDirectives for Clinicians addresses all the barriers and:

  • Requires no integration into existing EMRs. It works on any mobile device and/or desktop with WiFi or cellular Internet connection. That means your team can conduct conversations “in the field” using their smartphones or tablets, and admins can review and manage reports via their dashboards on laptops and/or desktops.

  • Leverages the native functionality of your existing EHR or ePCR platform, a significant option should you choose to integrate it into your system.

  • Allows providers to select modular bundles to meet your specific users and ACP objectives, so you’ll avoid paying for functionality you don’t need and won’t use.

  • Eliminates the need and high cost for third-party facilitators to have ACP discussions with your patients.

  • Lets you invite your patients to complete their directives on their own on the award-winning FREE MyDirectives platform while monitoring when they are complete and uploaded.

To get a real sense of the features and simplicity that MyDirectives for Clinicians offers, check out ADVault’s Best Tools to Run an Advance Care Planning Program webinar.

REASON #4: To give you and your patients peace of mind.

When it comes to preferences regarding advanced illness and end-of-life care, a recent study reported that patients who had an ACP document had a 76% greater chance of dying in their preferred locations, which was most often outside a hospital.

Many providers are doing advance care planning with their patients, but they’re still not confident they can make sure their patients’ wishes are known.

Peace of Mind ACP LocatedThey may be thinking: “What if my patient’s ACP documents are sitting in a file cabinet when they’ll need them most? Or maybe you’re worried portable medical orders are siloed in my electronic medical records?”

These are and should be significant concerns. And exactly why ADVault made sure that the documents created and captured in MyDirectives for Clinicians tools can be safely stored and accessible to be queried and retrieved in the emergency medical teams’ EHR systems 24/7, 365 days a year.

That’s peace of mind. For you, and most importantly, for your patients.

REASON #5: To honor their wishes and your ROI.

“More than 25% of Medicare spending is incurred as a result of ER visits, ICU admissions and surgeries in the last year of life of Medicare beneficiaries, many of which are unnecessary and unwanted.”

ROI may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of advance care planning. But it should be. In fact, ADVault has a compelling business case worth downloading to make MyDirectives for Clinicians your ACP solution.

Honor Patient Wishes and ROIProviders are always searching for ways to value patient voice as well as innovate for cost containment and quality improvement. Now you can honor their patients’ wishes and your ROI with MyDirectives for Clinicians, as it supports a robust ACP program that:

  • Helps avoid sending patients to the hospital for medical treatments and interventions to reduce unwanted or unnecessary admissions, costly procedures, and length of stay.

  • Achieves patient-centered clinical excellence goals.

  • Complies with HEDIS Care for Older Adults Measures.

  • Increases the likelihood your patients' wishes will be honored, which translates into improved patient and family satisfaction scores.

These are just five of the endless reasons healthcare providers large and small are choosing to make MyDirectives for Clinicians their ACP solution.

Truth is, no one makes creating, uploading, and recording patient wishes simpler, more practical, or this mobile. Experience it for yourself! Schedule a live demo or click here to view our Best Tools for ACP webinar.

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